CHERITON photographer Simon Newman captured a rare meteorological phenomenon near the village early one morning last week.

His splendid photograph is a fogbow which is similar to a rainbow.

Simon posted on Facebook: “A fogbow this morning. This is like a rainbow but is sunlight refracting off the mist particles which merge the colours to make it white.”

The Cloud Appreciation Society says: “White, pure, ethereal. A ‘fogbow’ is like a ghostly version of a rainbow. It forms in the same circumstances as a rainbow, with the sunlight shining from directly behind the observer, but with one exception: the light is shining onto a layer of fog rather than a sheet of rain.

“And it is the size of the fog droplets that explains the lack of colours. While fogbows can have pale colours, they appear completely white when the droplets are much, much smaller than raindrops; perhaps just 1/100th of a mm across, compared with the 1 or 2mm of a typical raindrop.”