A SOUTHAMPTON family has been left heartbroken after their beloved pet cat was found decapitated.

Jali the snow Bengal cat was found with her head cut off and front right paw missing.

She was discovered outside the back garden door of a home in Oregon Close.

However, the family now believe that she could have died at the hands of a ‘cat killer’ and her death is being investigated by police.

Jali was owned by Sholing resident, Lynn Ganatra.

Speaking on her behalf, her daughter, Asha said: “She was laid outside the back garden door with her head and front right paw cut off.

“It was very clean.

“Also, quite surgical.

“Mum was distraught.

“We put it down to a fox or car accident.”

The 21-year-old operations manager says her mum is still heartbroken since Jali, 5, was found dead on Friday morning.

However, because there was a lack of blood and Jali had no other injuries, they think the incident could be suspicious.

She added: “To think someone has done this deliberately makes it even worse.”

Posting on social media, Asha said: “We assumed that she had been attacked by a fox or hit by a car, but we are now unsure.

“She had lost her head but when our neighbours found her, there was very little blood and no other marks on her body.”

Asha is now pleading for anyone with information and who was in the area of Oregon Close and Pinegrove Road on Friday to come forward.

She has also urged other cat owners to be vigilant.

A police investigation has since been launched.

Asha told the Daily Echo: “Obviously we want them found.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary said: “We can confirm a dead cat was found with its head and a paw missing on Oregon Close, Southampton, in the morning of 15th October.

“Officers are investigating and will be conducting enquiries in the area. Anyone with information can phone 101 with reference 44210419918.”