SIR: What a devastating blow to the residents of Winchester that National Express Coaches will no longer visit the city (Chronicle, September 30).

This link provided is a very convenient service for Heathrow Airport and also London Victoria for the our city residents and I believe the council should lobby National Express Coaches to reintroduce the service.

Perhaps in a different location, possibly St Catherine’s Park and Ride, or somewhere along Barfield Close or even the old coach station in Worthy Road. The fact that National Express Coaches deem it dangerous to complete a U-turn in The Broadway once every two hours with each of its services, when the P&R buses do this five times every hour without difficulty raises some questions. I would implore everyone to raise this with their local councillor to persuade the council to seek to get this very useful service for all Winchester residents reintroduced.

A Westlake,

Courtenay Road,

Abbotts Barton,


SIR: So National Express Coaches will no longer service Winchester and I will just have to use my car instead and suffer the wrath of Extinction Rebellion.

National Express reasons started with Covid-19 and then reduced demand and now “the ‘U’ turn in The Broadway” - which they have been performing for many years.

If a stop was outside the Discovery Centre the coach from the south could use St Cross, Southgate Street and the High Street traffic lights and the St Georges Street light could be linked to form a smooth flow.

Southbound the stop could be outside Barclays.

Bryan Scott,

Southgate Street,


SIR: I find the National Express Coaches’ reason for no longer serving Winchester because of congestion in The Broadway and finding it difficult to turn their vehicles there is a lame excuse.

They say there are no suitable places in the city to pick up passengers. Why not use St Catherine’s Park and Ride stop once used by Stagecoach Mega Buses or the top bus stop of the two on Station Hill which is rarely used.

As for a spokesman saying that Winchester people can always use the inconveniently placed Southampton Coach Station, how would he like to lug heavy suitcases between here and Southampton only to view Winchester as the coach travels past our city?

Rod Youngman,

Cromwell Road,