HALLOWEEN is just weeks away, and while it is seen as a bit of fun once a year, there have been growing reports of ghostly sightings and unexplained mysteries chilling Hampshire to its core for hundreds of years.

With ghost hunters travelling far and wide to get a glimpse of the sightings, the Hampshire Chronicle has brought them to you this Halloween.

Whether you're a believer, a sceptic or you have witnessed the paranormal personally, spooky tales are reported every year, with parts of Hampshire being a hot spot due to its rich history.

Here are six most haunted locations in Hampshire:

Basing House, Old Basing

Built in 1531, Basing House was set on fire with around 74 remaining garrison left in the flames. Since then, Oliver Cromwell is just one of the names who is supposed to wander around the ruins.

There have also been reports of the shadow of a giant man seen darting across the grounds, leaving extreme coldness wherever the shadow is spotted.

Footsteps are also heard walking up and down the stairs in the visitors display area, while some visitors have reported the smell of thick smoke, which is said to be the lingering psychic impression of the fire that took place in 1645.

On a Google review page, a commenter wrote: "Did the ghost tour, different to see and hear tales at night. Interesting experience from Jamie and all".

While another wrote: "Brilliant ghost hunting place".

The Eclipse Inn, Winchester

Listed as a Grade II building since January 1974, The Eclipse Inn was built in 1540 and was formerly the rectory of the St Lawrence Church. The pub is most famous for its connection with Dame Alicia Lisle, widow of John Lisle, who lived most of her life at Moyles Court, an Elizabethan house near Ellingham in the New Forest. She was accused of harbouring two dissenters after the 1685 Battle of Sedgemoor at her house.

The crime led to the order of decapitation, where she was held overnight at the Eclipse. A scaffold had been built outside the building and on 2 September 1685 she walked out of an upstairs window where she was decapitated with an axe.

Yvonne Marshall, who has worked at the Eclipse for the last 11 years, said pale-faced customers have returned from the female toilets and landing area, complaining of witnessing something they wish not to speak of, before immediately leaving the pub.

Hampshire Chronicle: A story about Lady Alicia Lisle hanging on the wall of The Eclipse InnA story about Lady Alicia Lisle hanging on the wall of The Eclipse Inn

Yvonne had also been handed a note by a customer returning from the ladies toilets. -The note read:

"I belong to a paranormal society in US.

Upstairs - no woman

A man - a soldier of sorts

Mid 20s

Not sure if land or sea

He's lost - not sure if he's looking for someone or something"

Eclipse barman Elliott Fearne recently took a trip to the top room on his lunch break, where he felt a strong presence and heard things moving around the room he was in.

Hampshire Chronicle: A picture of Lady Alicia Lisle hangs on the second floor of The Eclipse InnA picture of Lady Alicia Lisle hangs on the second floor of The Eclipse Inn

Dancing Man Brewery, Southampton

Built in 1332, the Dancing Man Brewery is one of the last Wool Houses in Europe, where it was used to store wool for export to Italy. In the 19th century it was used as a prison for Napoleonic French prisoners of war, before being restored by Southampton City Corporation and adapted to house the Southampton Maritime Museum, which opened in June 1966. According to restaurant employees and their customers, the Brewery's dark past still lingers. Bar manager Amber Dumbar said apparitions have been seen walking around the building, while customers say they have felt a presence on both floors.

Amber said:

"The cellar is definitely haunted. I've had my name called out down there!"

The Dancing Man Brewery has been subject to ghost hunts and psychic investigations through the years and will be in place for this years tour of Southampton.

The Red Lion, Southampton

Known for its Tudor-style building, legend has it, the half-timbered room is known as the court room which was the site of the trial of the conspirators in the Southampton Plot.
Taking place in 1415, around 75 years before the building was built, the plotters were jailed at the site and held there for a trial.

Since then, there have been many reports of ghostly sightings leaving from the pub, which have been linked to the prisoners. It is also claimed the pub is haunted by a barmaid in her sixties and only visible above her knees, who reportedly drifts through the bar area.

God Begot House, ASK Italian, Winchester

More than 500 years old, God Begot House had served as charter by Queen Emma, a court of law as well, and a place of refuge for those attempting to escape the law. Around 100 years ago, human bones were found as the building was being converted from a bookshop to a hotel and while nothing physical had been reported, the owner had the building exorcised as dogs wouldn't enter one particular room, while doors would knock but no one would be on the other side.

Hampshire Chronicle: God Begot House, WinchesterGod Begot House, Winchester

Now converted into ASK Italian, restaurant manager H Kash confirmed the spooky happenings with a tour of the building.

He said: "If you're here by yourself, yes, you will hear stuff. You will get that feeling that there is someone here.

"Colleagues have felt whispers in their ears as they walk up and down the stairs and a cleaner had their hair pulled while alone in the building. It's not just one person mentioning it, it's different colleagues. 80 percent of the activity comes from upstairs. Music turns itself on and off.

Hampshire Chronicle: View of the upstairs of God Begot House, WinchesterView of the upstairs of God Begot House, Winchester

"A helium balloon had been left upstairs in a room overnight and it followed the cleaner around from upstairs to the bottom of the stairs before going to the kitchen.

"Nothing harmful happens, just enough to say 'we are here'".

While being shown upstairs, H demonstrated how a menu had lifted itself off the table, falling to the floor, while a little girl sat at the same table had mentioned that she felt someone had hold of her hand.

Hampshire Chronicle: Room where most activity is reported, God Begot House, WinchesterRoom where most activity is reported, God Begot House, Winchester

Wymering Manor, Portsmouth

Listed as a Grade II building, Wymering Manor is the oldest buildings in Portsmouth. First recorded in 1042, it was owned by King Edward the Confessor is in known as one of the UK's most haunted properties and had failed to sell at auction. It has served as a youth hostel, a family home, a vicarage and a monastery, with security guards patrolling the grounds 24/7, refusing to go alone - going everywhere in pairs.

A 'lady in a violet dress' was encountered by Thomas Parr, who was living in the house at the time, witnessing the lady standing at the end of his bed one night. It is said that the lady and Thomas had a short conversation before saying "Well, Tommy dear, I must leave you now as we are waiting to receive Aunt Em" before disappearing. The following morning Thomas received a message informing him that his Aunt Em had died during the night.

A special thanks to Matthew Feldwick and his book, Haunted Winchester, published by Tempus, for information listed around Winchester.