A WALTHAM Chase man is accused of raping a woman after a night out at a pub’s Halloween party, a court has heard.

Duncan Stephens, 31, has gone on trial at Winchester Crown Court today (Monday) alleged to have sexually assaulted the woman at his home in Winchester Road sometime between November 2 and 4, 2019. He denies one count of rape.

Opening the case, prosecutor Daniel Sawyer said that Stephens, the woman and a group of friends had been on a night out at The Barleycorn Inn, in Bishop’s Waltham, for a Halloween party before going back to his home to continue partying and drinking.

It had been arranged that the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, to stay at Stephens' house, and share a bed with another woman, and he would sleep on the sofa.

The court heard that the other woman had become “paralytic” and had to be helped to bed.

Mr Sawyer said: “As (the woman) was helping (the other woman) upstairs Mr Stephens started coming as well.” The woman challenged him.

“He said no, one of the other guests was in fact sleeping on the sofa and he was going to join the two of them in the bed.

“While not overly happy with that suggestion (the woman) was somewhat drunk and tired and felt unable to challenge Mr Stephens.”

The three of them got into bed, but that is when Stephens allegedly started to touch the woman sexually, without her consent, before raping her.

The woman did not contact the police straight away, it was not until June 2020 that the constabulary was informed.

In a video interview, the woman said during the alleged incident she thought: “If I’m still as possibly, if I’m rigid as possible, he will know I don’t what it and he will stop.”

When asked how she felt, she continued: “Awful, disgusting, why does he think he can do that to me, what gives him the right. I just feel like he is a pig.

“I felt dirty, I felt used, I felt cheap, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and die.”

He alleges that the complainant initiated their sexual contact and was an “enthusiastic participant”.

Giving evidence in court, the woman said that she was “frozen in shock” and following the incident suicidal thoughts were brought on.

But defence barrister Jonathan Rosen said: “The reality is those symptoms are as a result of continuing problems you have had and your regret about doing something that you then decided that you shouldn’t have done. You gave every indication to Duncan Stephens that this was consensual sexual activity didn’t you?” The woman denied this.

The trial continues.