Badger Farm

21/01995/HOU, Joseph Stallard, installation of a garden office, 3 Ivy Close.

21/02181/HOU, Mr and Mrs Cooper, erection of conservatory, 58 Honeysuckle Close.

Bishop’s Waltham

21/02451/TPO, Father Bruce Barnes, tree works, Our Lady Queen Of Apostles, Martin Street.

21/02472/TPC, Mrs Miriam Willetts, cut overhanging branches back, 13 St Bonnet Drive.


21/02121/HOU, Cameron Finch, Mr Austin, side extension and partial garage conversion, 12 Old River.

21/02127/HOU, Mr and Mrs Ford, demolition of conservatory and single storey extension and erection of a two-storey extension, Hope Cottage, Bunns Lane.

21/02235/HOU, Mr and Mrs Selway, garage conversion, 22 Creech View.

21/02250/HOU, Emma Sykes, partial demolition and conversion of existing garage and two storey side extension (resubmission), 48 Hatchmore Road.

Kings Worthy

21/02183/HOU, Ahmad, enlarge existing front porch and new rear extension, 34 Willis Waye.

New Alresford

21/02710/LIS, Selina Jogaloo, signage works and relocated two existing doors and decorations throughout the salon, 5 East Street.


21/02247/HOU, Jeremy Cookson, outbuilding in rear garden, 20 Provene Close.


21/02189/HOU, Mrs Brown, extensions and replacement of existing roof to create new habitable rooms, new timber cladding facade and windows and a brick wall to principal elevation with new driveway gates and pedestrian access, The Nook, Chapel Road.

Southwick and Widley

21/02479/HED, Dave Jones on behalf of SSE Networks, temporarily remove sections of countryside hedgerow to facilitate the installation of a new 132kV underground electricity cable, on completion the gaps would be reinstated, Pigeon House Farm, Pigeon House Lane.


21/02226/FUL, Mr and Mrs Long, use the garage as a games room/gym and for the storage of ancillary domestic storage purposes, Peonies, Moor Court Lane.

21/02457/TPC, Susan Wakefield, removing dead Ashes and replace with English native trees, Sparsholt Manor, Woodman Lane.


21/02192/HOU, Mrs Reed, erection of single storey front porch, replacement of flat garage roof with pitched roof and alteration works, 15 Glendale.


21/02245/HOU, Christopher Brenneck, single storey rear extension, 1 Southwick Road.

21/02253/HOU, Mr and Mrs Middleton, single storey rear extension, 2 Deergrass Walk.

21/02466/TPO, Tim Cox, tree works, Basement Storage, Consort Mews.


21/02054/FUL, Graham Gardner, retention of the mixed use of the property as a residential dwelling and dentist practice, 58 Romsey Road.

21/02062/FUL, Dr Sargent, replacement extension, Westacre Nursing Home, Sleepers Hill.

21/02084/FUL, Mr and Mrs McIver, removal of condition two from planning application 19/02744/HOU, 1 Cavendish Grove.

21/02125/HOU, Fiona Hepworth, installation of an oak trellis on top of an existing brick boundary wall running from the rear of the house, 2 King George V Place.

21/02130/HOU, George Garland, roof work, single storey extensions with partial garage conversion, first floor fenestration alterations, dormer window to rear elevation and new door to side elevation (resubmission), 20 Marston Gate.

21/02172/LDP, Mr Perrins, rear facing dormer and side facing Velux, 14 Stoney Lane, Weeke.

21/02174/FUL, Mr Fitzhenry, change in plan 19/01047/FUL of proposed material for roof from zinc to Cedral Thrutone smooth low-profile fibre cement slate, 5 Airlie Corner, Stanmore.

21/02176/HOU, Mr and Mrs Turner, single storey rear extension and addition of dormer window and rooflights to rear of property, Erin House, 59 Oliver’s Battery Road.

21/02194/LIS, Nick Hanson, minor works to existing retail unit to include: new signage, external redecoration, replacement A/C condenser and internal alterations, 43 High Street.

21/02195/AVC, Nick Hanson, non-projecting fascia signage: hand-painted black lettering on a green background, 43 High Street.

21/02227/AVC, Jonathan Cawthorn, externally illuminated fascia sign, non-illuminated fascia sign, window graphics and externally illuminated hanging sign, 72-74 St George’s Street.

21/02248/HOU, Tony Payne, home office at the ground floor level with stair to terrace over, The Chimney House, 7 Alison Way.

21/02274/HOU, 21/02275/LIS, Mr and Mrs Arkle, refurbishment and minor extension to an existing garage building within the curtilage of a Grade II listed dwelling, 13 St James Terrace.

21/02307/HOU, Mr Cortanyan and Mr Longdon, rear orangery extension, 2 Dean Lane.

21/02308/HOU, Tom Dixon, single storey extension, veranda and porch with associated internal works, replacement of existing boundary fence with wall, South Hall Lodge, Kingsgate Road.

21/02364/HOU, Guy Pearson-Gregory, garden studio, 52 Canon Street.

21/02419/FUL, Irfan Khan, demolition of changing rooms and erection of two-storey classroom, Peter Symonds College, Owens Road.

21/02455/TPC, Ms Lovejoy, tree works, 1 Bankside House, Elm Road, Fulflood.

21/02456/LDP, James McDowell, loft conversion with dormer and roof lights to form two bedrooms and an en-suite bathroom, formation of utility room at rear of lower level garage, 38 Teg Down Meads.

21/02458/TPC, Niccy House, tree works, 24 Alison Way.

21/02464/TPO, Holledge, tree works, 34 Queens Road.

21/02471/TPO, Charlotte Barnes, fell Fir tree, Braemore Court, Marnhull Rise.

21/02474/TPO, Jo Gavin, tree works, Tegfield House, 24 Chilbolton Avenue.

21/02494/TPO, Darren Griffiths-Hayles, tree removal, Andover Road Retail Park, Andover Road.

21/02496/TPC, Walker, tree works, 22 Culver Road.

21/02497/TPC, Matassa, tree removal and reduction, 37 Edgar Road.

21/02503/TPC, Caswell, tree removal and reduction, 65 St Johns Street.


21/02453/TPC, Chris Berry, tree works, 6 Old Stoke Road.