A CLASH in The Square almost happened again in Winchester this week between a musician and cathedral staff.

Busker Rick Tarrant was playing in his usual spot outside City Museum when he was approached by a security guard from the cathedral who told him to move.

Mr Tarrant said that the guard said he was an obstruction and threatened to call the police if he didn’t leave.

The Chronicle approached the cathedral and a spokesperson said: “The cathedral is very happy for buskers to play by the Lime Avenue entrance, and an unreserved apology has been given to the musician who contacted us regarding this misunderstanding. The security team have been fully briefed following the incident and are clear that buskers are to be warmly welcomed to play near the entrance to the cathedral grounds.

“We hope the buskers, and other performers, will return soon and continue their tradition of entertaining and bringing joy to passers-by.”

Mr Tarrant was satisfied with this response and said the cathedral had spoken to him to explain the misunderstanding and that they ‘welcome busking in The Square’.

Despite the fact that the area is a public right of way, the cathedral said: “We understand the Cathedral own this land. However, as is common with other ancient monuments there are no registered title deeds.”

This is the second time the cathedral has had to apologise to a busker, with Marvin B Naylor previously told to move by a clergyman. The matter was eventually settled with a private apology. The clergyman was not identified.