SIR: I understand and support the parishes of Littleton and Harestock in their efforts to keep the green space of the current MoD land.

In keeping the green space but not demolishing everything there is much that could be of immense value to Winchester without very much adjustment. I would like to point out the Barracks, amongst many things, has the following:

A full gymnasium – perhaps could be used as a gymnasium or for sports that require to be inside;

A swimming pool with high diving boards – perhaps to be used as a swimming pool;

Squash Courts/tennis courts and other sports facilities – perhaps used for the same;

Lots of accommodation – perhaps to be converted to suitable accommodation – for homeless or those needing to rent;

A small rifle range – perhaps to be used by police and rifle club;

A large tarmacked square – perhaps to be used for parking by persons visiting the above or walking through the wild grass meadows or even a park and ride for the north of the city.

The barracks has other attributes like two large buildings that could be separate hotels.

Perhaps we should start thinking about uses of the existing very expensive infrastructure and not how you can just demolish everything and make a quick buck.

Lastly, it has an excellent entrance to/from the road system.

If carefully planned this vast range of infrastructure assets set amongst a green space could be of great value to Winchester, but I cannot feel, that like lots of things in the past, this once in a lifetime opportunity will be missed.

I know this is all ‘flimflam’ to the council but please recognise a golden opportunity when one stares you in the face!

Peter Lamb,