TWO men who raided an elderly woman’s home and stole thousands of pounds worth of family heirlooms, including a Military Cross medal, have been ordered to pay just £1 each.

Eriks Valants, 23, and Jed Martin, 27, bound an elderly woman to her stairs and threw a pillowcase over her head while they ransacked her house in Leckford, near Stockbridge.

The gang stole cash and jewellery including a Cartier ring, Omega watch, three-string pearl necklace, and David Morris pearl and diamond necklace with matching earrings.

They also took her father-in-law’s Military Cross medal from the Second World War, with a letter signed by King George. None of the items were ever recovered.

As reported, each were jailed for 10 years at Winchester Crown Court on April 8 after they admitted to an of offence robbery which took place on March 23, last year.

Following the sentencing hearing, proceedings were commenced under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2002 to recover the funds Martin, formerly of Evenlode Road, Southampton, and Valants, formerly of Cotswold Road, Southampton, had obtained from their offending.

At the hearing on Thursday last week, also at Winchester Crown Court, it was ruled that the total benefit figure for each of their offending was £231,146, but total available amount was deemed to be zero. The court decided that nominal £1 charge should be ordered for both, which must be paid with 28 days or seven days imprisonment in default.

However, if any assets are recovered, the case can be reopened by the prosecution to seek an order in a higher sum.

The sentencing hearing earlier this year heard that on the night of the break-in the men made four attempts to get into the victim’s home, in Leckford, during one of those they cut out a pane of glass from the swimming pool area but was unable to get through a locked door.

Their elderly victim, Susan Hunt, was woken by masked men at around 2.30am, shining a torch into her face and asking her for the code for her safe.

They then walked her down the stairs, putting black tape around her hands – tying her to the banister – before putting a pillowcase over her head.

At the sentencing, Andrew Houston, prosecuting, said that Mrs Hunt said it “felt like hours” that they were in her home, which left her feeling “traumatised, disoriented and scared”.

The trial of a third man Christopher Doughty, who is accused of being involved in the robbery, is due to take place on November 8.