A MOTHER was left without hot water for more than two months, forcing her to boil pans just to be able to bath her son.

Emma Tudor was without a supply for over nine weeks, after issues arose with her boiler system and thermostat at her Winchester flat.

The 34-year-old, who lives at The Conservatory, in Chesil Street, with her son Leevi, contacted landlords A2Dominion a number of times.

“It’s been nine weeks without hot water, I’ve got a nine-year-old son and I’ve got to fill up the kettle and pans so we can have a bath,” she said.

Ms Tudor says that her son often comes home from school with pen on his arm, adding: “I’ve got to try and scrub him and there is only so much hot water with kettles and pans”.

But since the Chronicle contacted the housing association the problem has now been fixed and David Lingeman, director of property services, said there was “an error in the processing of her case” and offered an apology.

The housing association previously sent engineers out to look at the issue, but Ms Tudor says that they would either come when she has to collect her son from school, or said that they are not the right person for the job.

“They have been out quite a few times and they are all telling me the same thing. A trade person who came out turned around and said to me that it was the thermostat, they have changed it quite a few times and there is still no hot water.

“I’ve had enough, how many more weeks have I got to go with boiling a kettle and burning the cooker [by heating pans] for me and him to have a bath.”

Ms Tudor said she has previously had issues with her water tank, which has been replaced, but water has started dripping from the top of the tank.

She says that she has baby pictures of Leevi stored inside the cupboard, as she has nowhere else to store them, which will be ruined if the water continues to leak.

Ms Tudor has said that she has had a number of problems with building and housing association A2Dominion. In 2015, the Chronicle reported that rats were making residents’ lives a misery, after infestation which saw the rodents, scuttling in kitchens and bedrooms in the middle of the day.

Mr Lingeman said: “I would like to extend my sincere apologies to Ms Tudor for the disruption to her hot water supply. There was an error in the processing of her case, which caused a delay to the repairs being completed. Clearly this delay was unacceptable and we will be reviewing what went wrong on this occasion to ensure we don’t have a situation like this again.

“I’m pleased to say that we have now managed to restore hot water to the property and are sending our engineers around today to carry out the more robust works necessary to prevent this from happening again.”

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