WITH A university attracting hundreds of students into Winchester every year, one thing that can be a deal or no deal for students making their decision into the city, is the nightlife.

While Southampton being a 20 minute train journey away, Winchester has managed to stand out for its own good reasons. Below are five bars that make Winchester one of a kind.


One reviewer said: "Brilliant spot. Atmospheric great. Staff and service excellent. Had a great evenings craic. Recommend this place to everyone"

Another said: "Extensive menu, good vibes and great music!"

Turtle Bay:

One reviewer said: "The music was loud but I liked the tunes, you kinda had to shout a bit. People were drinking at the bar which I thought was nice that it was a restaurant you could just go for a drink in too.

"I went to the one in Southampton years ago but I’d probably go to Winchester more regularly. It’s got a very cool vibe and very yummy food!"

Pitcher & Piano:

One reviewer said: "Great atmosphere at night, always busy".

Another said: "Pitcher & Piano is a great venue rain or shine, day or night. If you like affordable food and cocktails it's the place to go. The staff are overworked though as there are never enough people serving at the weekend. This is of detriment to the business and the customer as you spend a lot of the night queuing and on a Saturday night I could only be bothered to buy two drinks and went home with a lot more money than I expected to."


One reviewer said: "Nice, chilled atmosphere, friendly staff, will go back for sure!"

Another said: "We had an amazing time here. The bar staff, managers and security were all really friendly and helpful. The drinks were very nice and even with these new Covid restrictions it was still a good atmosphere. Overall we felt very safe, welcome and would highly recommend this place!"


One reviewer said: "Friendly, welcoming staff with a nice atmosphere. Like all Wetherspoons the online ordering system makes things easier, the only issue were the draught beers were not up to date."