CHILDREN are due to return to school at the start of next month.

With dates changing year on year and the pressure of getting everything ready in time like new school kit and uniforms, some may be unsure when their children are due to go back.

This is why the Chronicle has put together all you need to know about the return to school after the summer holidays.

The summer holiday is due to end for schools in Southampton on September 2 according to the council's online school timetable.

Schools in the city closed on July 23 for the summer break and children will be returning after more than a month away.

Schools under the remit of Hampshire County Council will also be returning on September 2 according to the council site.

This is ahead of the next break for school children which will come at the start of the Autumn half-term on October 25.

The county council does not cover any schools inside the unitary authority areas of Southampton or Portsmouth.

These dates do not include inset days that may differ from school to school and can be found on their individual websites.