WINCHESTER Cathedral says it is investigating a confrontation between a priest and a well-known busker.

It has denied the busker Marvin B Naylor was ordered to stop playing but to move his pitch.

But its statement added: "This gives us much cause for reflection and is being currently considered in our staff and clergy training."

As reported in the Chronicle, Marvin B Naylor has complained after he says he was ordered to stop playing by a priest who was "aggressive and intimidating."

In a letter to the Chronicle, Mr Naylor said the cleric's behaviour was also disgusting and unacceptable. The priest has not been identified.

The incident happened on The Square on Thursday August 12 when Mr Naylor was playing in the open space outside the Cathedral Close.

Mr Naylor has appealed for a photographs or CCTV footage of the incident.

In a statement this afternoon, the cathedral, which appears to know the identity of the cleric, said: "The Cathedral takes all complaints very seriously and is investigating the matter described by Mr Naylor in the Chronicle last week.

"We understand that the clergyman spoke to Mr Naylor not in order to ask him to stop playing but to ask him to move his pitch slightly to one side. As Mr Naylor was sited in the centre of the pavement (as is shown in the photograph) it was thought that Mr Naylor appeared to be blocking the main thoroughfare into the entrance to the Cathedral.

"It is a great regret to us that the encounter left both parties upset, this is the last thing that the Cathedral would wish. This gives us much cause for reflection and is being currently considered in our staff and clergy training.

"Busking is a distinctive feature of Winchester city life, often contributing to the joy and harmony of our streets and the sense of vibrant life that we can all enjoy. We wish to engage with Mr Naylor constructively about this and look forward to speaking with him soon."