A WELL-KNOWN Winchester busker has complained to the cathedral after being ordered to stop playing by a senior churchman.

Marvin B Naylor was playing guitar on The Square when he was approached by the cleric, believed to be a senior member of the cathedral community.

In a letter to the Chronicle and addressing the man, Mr Naylor said: “Without an ‘excuse me’ or even waiting until I’d finished the piece I was playing, you became aggressive and intimidating, saying I was on church property and that I was obstructing the entrance to the cathedral grounds.

“You are wrong on both counts. The church doesn’t own The Square and people were walking by freely - I am one man sitting on a camping stool.”

Mr Naylor said the priest, who was wearing a dog collar, threatened to call the police and the confrontation only ended when Mr Naylor said he would record the conversation.

He added in his letter: “I’m used to being hassled by drunks or druggies but not by ‘respectable’ members of the religious community.”

Mr Naylor said the behaviour was “disgusting and unacceptable” and told the Chronicle he was briefly shaken by the episode, before resuming playing.

Marvin has asked on social media if anyone has a photo of the incident to help identify the priest.

Over the last decade Mr Naylor, of Greenhill Road, Fulflood, has become a familiar figure on city streets with a wide repertoire that includes his trademark theme from The Third Man.

He said he has never been moved on by the police.

A cathedral spokesperson said today: "We are concerned to hear of the distress that has been caused to Mr Naylor. The Cathedral is looking into this and is seeking to contact Mr Naylor to resolve this unfortunate situation."

The Chronicle s seeking clarification from the city council as to who owns the spot, which is outside the entrance bollards to Cathedral Close.