THE pupils at Stanmore Primary School were fundraising at the end of a busy term.

Years 3 and 4 were involved with a Winchester University project featuring Hannah Williams, the city’s star who featured on The Voice.

The singer came in to perform with the children and record a song to raise money for the charity Shelter.

A spokesperson for the school said: “Pupils had worked hard to rehearse for this and were brilliant at performing like pop stars. Hannah thanked the children commenting; ‘Singing, enthusiasm and behaviour all top notch’.

“All the children later took part in ‘The Race for Life,’ raising an incredible £288.39 for Cancer Research UK.

“They completed a staggering 425km (262 miles) between them, showing true persistence and resilience on a hot day.”

Stanmore Primary is a school with 420 pupils serving 4-11 year olds in the south west part of the city.

Its full capacity is 315, and the headteacher is Sharon Taylor.