SIR: Following your report on July 15 it is such a terrible tragic event for the children with life changing injuries and their families.

The bus driver responsible being sentenced to three years in jail. However, no mention is made in the report of the culpability of Stagecoach the bus operator or the management directly involved and the Highways/Council responsible for keeping the warning signs regarding height and width totally visible.

Your report highlights the drivers physical and mental weaknesses calling into question whether he should have a licence for driving a passenger bus. Also that the driver had not been on this route before and had only partially been shown the correct route. It would have been essential he was told he should not take this amended route under the low bridge.

My wife and I regularly drive on this route to Cobbs Farmshop and prior to the accident the warning signs were significantly if not totally obstructed by overgrown trees/shrubs. Shortly after the accident the offending vegetation was cut back to leave the road signs visible.

Lawrence Jones,

Dean Lane,