THE Jane Austen Literacy Foundation (JALitF) has commissioned a brand-new silhouette of her by the celebrity silhouettist Charles Burns.

Based on forensically accurate wax work reconstruction, the piece will be used to commemorate the 204th anniversary of the writer’s death (July 18).

Jane Austen, who was buried in Winchester Cathedral in 1917, has many connections to Hampshire, the county she was born in.

The silhouette is to be revealed as a collectable bookplate, with all proceeds going towards JALitF’s charitable projects to improve literacy rates around the world.

Charles Burns is a renowned artist, who, in his thirty-year-long career, has cut portraits of some of the most prominent figures of our time – from The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to Neil Armstrong; Nelson Mandela to Jeremy Clarkson; Bill Clinton to Gary Lineker.

Dr Julia B. Grantham, Children’s Author and Manager of the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation’s Collectable Bookplates Programme, said: "We love bookplates at JALitF and our growing collection continues the meaningful custom of marking the most important books in your libraries with personalised bookplates.

“Charles was thrilled by the suggestion, and after a few brief exchanges of information, the idea has taken shape in our minds. He based his silhouette not only on the beforementioned waxwork, but also on his knowledge of a less known silhouette of Jane Austen, kept in Winchester Cathedral, and his meticulous studying of portraits of Jane Austen’s family members.

"The result is before you – a new, never seen before, silhouette of Jane Austen based on the latest scientific and forensic discoveries, created by one of the best silhouette artists in the world."

Bookplates were commonly used in Jane Austen's time, when it was important that the owner's name was clearly marked.

The Jane Austen Literacy Foundation is a registered not for profit organisation run by volunteers. It was founded in 2014 by Caroline Jane Knight, Jane Austen’s fifth great niece.

In the six years since its establishment the Foundation’s Bookplate Programme has created a unique collection of nine diverse and bookplates that feature the work of talented artists from around the world.

Each collectable can be purchased individually at the Bookplate Shop.

The newly commissioned bookplate is available from the July 17: