FEEDBACK on the new Sport and Leisure Park has been overwhelmingly positive, a meeting heard.

Operators Everyone Active (EA) are still working to iron out a few small faults but overall the facility has been well received.

At an open forum on July 13, it was announced that 60,000 visitors were recorded throughout the month of June – one of EA's busiest in the country.

When River Park reopened in September, it saw just 22,000 visits in one month.

Alison Norman, area contract manager at EA, explained what is being done to perfect the centre.

"Feedback is shaping the way we do things in future," she said. "We haven't been as hot on the phones as we should have been. This is because we need more recruits and are currently hiring, but for now the phone will also bounce to the back office too, to help ease the pressure on our reception staff."

An acoustic curtain for the sports hall is on the way from Sweden but has been delayed due to coronavirus. The cafe is now open until 5pm and problems with the automatic blinds have been sorted.

The forum also heard that a few nearby residents had noticed the lights on the roof being kept on overnight.

Andy Hickman, head of programme at Winchester City Council, explained that all issues with the lighting will soon be fixed. When the centre was built the correct lighting units were not available, but this will soon be rectified.

Residents in Highcliffe are also asking for more trees to be installed between houses at the leisure centre as cover.

This was the last forum dedicated to the new Sport and Leisure Park.

Chairwoman Angela Clear explained that it will be 'migrating' to a joint advisory board to monitor the leisure centre.

This will meet in public every quarter and its first meeting is earmarked for Autumn.