OFSTED, or the Office for Standards in Education, inspects and rates all state schools across England to judge the quality of education pupils are receiving.

According to the latest ratings, 13 secondary schools in Hampshire have been rated as 'requires improvement' or ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted.

Here is a list of all the schools and pre-schools that have been rated 'inadequate' or 'requiring improvement' in Hampshire.

Aldworth School, Basingstoke - Requires Improvement

Ofsted said: "Teaching is not consistently good. Too often, teachers do not routinely plan work that takes pupils’ starting points into account. Consequently, pupils do not always make the progress they should.

Adding: “Leaders have not supported teachers well enough to plan for the different abilities in their classes.”

Date of last inspection: June 2019

Bridgemary School - Requires Improvement


Ofsted said: “Teaching has not been strong enough in many subjects in recent years. Many

departments have relied on non-specialists. This has had an adverse impact on pupils’ attitudes to learning, their resilience and the standards they reach. Leaders need to make sure that across the school staff have the subject-specific knowledge and skills they need and understand how pupils learn to consistently teach effectively.”

Date of last inspection: March 2020

Brune Park Community School- Requires Improvement


Ofsted said: “Most teachers ensure that pupils are taught the subject knowledge and skills they need. They know what they want pupils to learn. However, some teachers are not checking well enough whether pupils’ learning is sufficiently embedded in their memory. Leaders need to ensure that teachers are confident about what pupils know and remember.”

Date of last inspection: January 2020

Chamberlayne College for the Arts - Requires Improvement


Ofsted said: “Some staff do not have high enough expectations of what pupils can achieve. Some pupils do not have high aspirations. Too many pupils are still persistently absent despite leaders’ work to reduce these levels. Leaders’ work to improve pupils’ behaviour has not yet been securely established across the school. There remain pockets of low-level disruption that interrupt learning. Some staff are inconsistent in their application of the behaviour strategy.”

Date of last inspection: June 2018

The Costello School - Requires Improvement


Ofsted said: “Overall, pupils do not make the progress they should. n Disadvantaged pupils do not make strong progress. They lag behind their classmates. The differences between their performance and other pupils nationally are not diminishing quickly. The most able pupils, and those who join the school with high levels of attainment, do not go on to excel consistently in their GCSE examinations.”

Date of last inspection: March 2018

Cranbourne - Requires Improvement


Ofsted said: " Most subject leaders have ambitious plans for pupils’ learning that reflect the

school’s vision created by the headteacher and governors. However, there is inconsistency in the implementation in some subjects, leaving pupils with gaps in their knowledge and understanding. Leaders need to ensure that the implementation and impact of curriculum plans are improved through greater consistency in the quality of teaching.

Date of last inspection: November 2019

Fernhill School - Requires Improvement


Ofsted said: " Disadvantaged pupils do not achieve well enough. The rates of fixed-term exclusions are falling but need to reduce further, especially for pupils in vulnerable groups. Most-able pupils are not always challenged appropriately because expectations are not consistently high enough. Consequently, the most able pupils are not making enough progress.”

Date of last inspection: September 2018

Glenwood School- Requires Improvement


Ofsted said: “The curriculum does not meet pupils’ needs as well as it should. Some subject areas are not well planned. Leaders need to improve the curriculum design so that pupils build up a bank of skills and knowledge that will enable them to be successful in their future lives. Some subject leaders are not effective in their roles. This means that too much falls to the headteacher and deputy headteacher. Senior leaders need to develop subject leaders and hold them to account for the full scope of their roles.”

Date of last inspection: December 2019

LWS Academy- Requires Improvement


Ofsted said: “Much work has begun to improve pupils’ literacy skills. However, there is not a systematic approach to help pupils to catch up quickly with their reading, writing and spelling skills. Adults need to identify more precisely individual pupils’ specific literacy needs. A sharper focus on reading, including on teaching pupils to read, will help them to be better prepared for future life and learning.”

Date of last inspection: September 2019

Oasis Academy Lord's Hill - Requires Improvement


Ofsted said: " Pupils’ behaviour is improving because of new behaviour systems introduced by

leaders. However, some pupils, particularly in key stage 4, do not behave well enough. Leaders should ensure that all pupils behave consistently well. Leaders have rightly identified attendance as an area for improvement. Some pupils’ attendance has recently improved. However, there are a number of pupils, especially some disadvantaged pupils and some with SEND, who are still missing too much school. Leaders should improve the systems they have in place so that pupils’ attendance improves.”

Date of last inspection: February 2020

Oasis Academy Mayfield - Requires Improvement

Ofsted said: " In the past, the curriculum was not ambitious enough for all pupils. Some pupils did not acquire important knowledge and understanding and this led to considerable underachievement. Leaders have introduced a better curriculum model. It provides all pupils with stronger foundations for future learning. This has not yet been fully adopted across all subject areas and in all year groups. Leaders should ensure that every subject area has a sufficiently ambitious curriculum in place for all its pupils.”

Date of last inspection: March 2020

Woodlands Community College - Requires Improvement


Ofsted said: “For several years, pupils at this school have not made enough progress. Too few pupils have achieved the qualifications of which they are capable. Senior leaders have started to improve pupils’ attendance but absence remains too high, particularly that of disadvantaged pupils and of

those with special educational needs and/or disabilities.”

Date of last inspection: January 2019

UTC Portsmouth – Inadequate


Ofsted said: “Typically, pupils learn well across the curriculum. However, sometimes, activities

are not sufficiently well adapted and delivered to meet pupils’ different starting points or needs. Occasionally, not enough curriculum time is devoted to some topics. This potentially hinders the learning of pupils with SEND and some pupils in Year 10. However, it is clear from the actions that leaders have already taken to train staff in understanding pupils’ needs that they are in the process of bringing this about. For this reason, the transition arrangement has been applied.”

Date of last inspection: February 2020