A "wonderful cottage garden" will soon be built over after plans for four new houses were approved.

A bungalow on Springvale Road will be knocked down to make space, a committee heard.

Local city councillor Jane Rutter said the bungalow was lived in by Alex Fry, "who was a great gardener and wrote for 50 years in the parish magazine how to garden through the seasons.

"His garden was a wonderful example of a cottage harden. So it's a sadness we are going to see it built over but that is the way of the world these days."

She added: "It's a shame this perfectly good bungalow is going to be demolished. It should be retained and repurposed but that is not in our policy at the moment but I hope we will seriously consider putting it in the new local plan."

There were eight objections with neighbours citing a loss of privacy, overlooking and the fact it would be 'cramped"

The committee agreed the plan but also to remove permitted development rights so any future proposal must come back to the planning department at the city council.