THE back garden of another Winchester Edwardian home is set to be developed.

Rutland House on Park Road is one of the last on the road to see a back-land development.

Alfred Homes has proposed three detached houses on the back garden next to the Kings Barton development.

Originally four houses were approved but Alfred Homes have altered the scheme which attracted opposition from the City of Winchester Trust and 13 households, citing overdevelopment, lack of open space and dangerous access. The trust objected because of a lack of information.

Objector Mrs Hayley Burnley said the proposed homes were taller than previously, adding: to say the neighbours were consulted about this is untrue and disingenuous of Chris Rees to say otherwise.”

Mrs Burnley said any development should be a mix and not executive homes. “There is nothing for key workers who work in the city.”

Mr Rees, managing director of Alfred Homes, told the planning committee the new proposal were just one metre higher and he had listened to the planning officers and reduced the number of houses from four to three.

Councillors on the planning committee have recently been on a site visit.

Cllr Jane Rutter said: “I feel sorry for Rutland House. I feel an attachment as I grew up in Rutland. It is the kind of house I would like to live in if I could afford to.”

Cllr Roger Bentote said many of the houses on Park Road had seen back garden development. “This application is just filling another space.”

Committee chairman Therese Evans said: “It is a lovely house and I’m sorry it is losing its amenity space. But that is the way things are.

All the new build properties (in that area) are built on someone’s garden. I don’t think we have a leg to stand on in refusing it.”

The committee approved the application.