SIR: Without hesitating I too would object to the plan to build two new blocks at Winnall Flats. It is not often that I support the Labour Party but I fully support Patrick Davies, and Brian Pitts, with the points they made in a recent edition of the Hampshire Chronicle. More Flats, means more people, more cars, more congestion, more pollution, and many more problems for the infrastructure - as I have witnessed in a different area.

Added to which, right now, we are addressing potential changes to Junction 9 on the M3, due mainly to the increase in the volume of traffic through that point. Don't different departments communicate?

Thus, I give an emphatic 'NO' to the new Flats but an even more emphatic 'YES' to a 'park and ride' facility in that very area. It should have been one constructed in that area 25 years ago!

Ian Holmes,

Mortimer Close,

Kings Worthy,