ANOTHER Winchester school has been badly hit by Covid-19 and the Government rules.

Western Primary School in Fulflood on Tuesday morning sent home children in two year groups, although Year 5 returned. All its canteen staff are self-isolating, a parent has told the Chronicle.

It now means that today (Wednesday) children in Reception, Years 1 and Years 2 are self-isolating for ten days, an estimated 75-100 children.

One angry parent said this morning: "Covid is ripping through the school. By why is this necessary? What a nightmare. I'm sick to death of these stupid rules. Either we have freedom or not. What good is it having a vaccine if we don't trust it?

"My daughter has missed half of her school education and children do not get unwell from Covid.

"People talk about balance, but what about my daughter's education impacted by something that barely affects children?

"This is not Western school's fault. It is the Government rules that are not keeping pace. We have a vaccine programme hailed as world-beating but not trusting it. If they have broken the link between infections and hospitalisation why is my daughter losing her education?"

The 400-pupil school has been asked for comment and today Peter Burbridge, headteacher, said: "I am unable to provide any detail relating to individual cases, but I can confirm that we currently have a small number of cases of Covid-19 within our school community, which has resulted in two of our year bubbles currently needing to self-isolate.

"We are supporting those pupils who are self-isolating to continue their learning at home during this time.” 



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