SIR: Regarding the Princess of Wales statue.

So flawed it's difficult to know where to start. The main stand out in your face blunder is at groin height. Why are we focussing on the huge buckle and belt of this skirt? If it is trying to show 1980s fashion it is going beyond that remit because it is so dominant.

It is as big as Diana's features - why?

The children are smaller versions of adults, the sculptor has not portrayed them as children at all. The female child's legs are just a scaled down version of Diana's. The same with the boys. Children have their own characteristics, they are not just thinner smaller versions of adults because they have plumpness and different proportions as children which they later lose as adults.

Most disappointed to see Diana portrayed with children anyway. It is such a cliche for female Royals to be shown with children as if this was their rightful role.

Diana's most groundbreaking work was with people with AIDS. This had a huge effect on the public and their attitude to this disease. A pity the sculptor has shown her with the predictable when he could have really pushed out stereotypes instead of reinforcing them - Diana shook hands and was in close contact with hospital AIDS sufferers and this was televised on the news at the time. She was such a significant pioneer in combatting all our prejudices, mostly informed by government adverts of huge tombstones crashing into the ground terrifying all of us with the news that 'Aids can affect everyone who has sexual intercourse.'

She was some sanity in the madness. At the time, we had no one else. Thank you, Diana, you are sorely missed.

Elaine Ehrenfried,

Coach Hill Close,

Chandler's Ford