SIR: In 2012, Donna Jones was a Conservative candidate for selection to be the first Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire.

The selection process at Fareham was heavily contested. I had been selected to serve on the selection process. All the way through Donna Jones stood out as an outstanding candidate. On her final presentation, she was head and shoulders over every other candidate with her long experience, knowledge and involvement in local government and people affairs. When it was announced that Michael Mates had been elected, many of us had been devastated, particularly as his final presentation had been a disaster and concentrated mostly on the many positions he had held in the party and government.

Consequently we decided that we would not support his election campaign even though he was the official Conservative candidate. We fought a vigorous campaign against his election and eventually succeeded even though as the official Conservative candidate he should have had a walkover.

The hierarchy in the East Hampshire Conservative party never forgave me for Mr Mates' defeat. But I have no regrets, he was a poor choice. As a result of my campaign, the local Conservative party has 'blackballed' me ever since. I have never received any communication by letter, campaign material or any invitation to meetings or events. The only communication I receive are letters to renew my annual party membership. Even letters of complaint to two national party chairmen remain unanswered. When it comes to making people disappear the party must have had training from Russia.

I'm delighted that Donna Jones has at long last been elected to bring her many talents to serve as our Police and Crime Commissioner. An indication of things to come is that on election she immediately indicated to the Chief Constable that she expects that she has plans to ensure there would be no more road closures on the A33 by illegal pony and trap events. Well done Donna. I know we can now look forward to a substantial improvement in policing and dealing with crime in Hampshire.

Peter Hargreaves,

Worthy Lane,