MEON Valley's MP is urging everyone to get their second Covid jab after she received her own.

Flick Drummond went to the St James Vaccination Centre in Portsmouth for her AstraZeneca jab and will now have the maximum protection against the virus.

“A massive thank you to all the volunteers at the centre out in the rain this morning and to everyone working so hard in every vaccination centre,” said Ms Drummond.

“They make it so easy for everyone and the efficiency has been brilliant at a stressful time for everyone. I also loved the fact that I got a sticker!”

But Ms Drummond also stressed that only two jabs will really help get the country back to normal and she urged everyone not to think one is enough.

“Data is very much telling us that all the vaccines we have are effective against all Covid variants but only if both injections are given, especially with regards to the Indian variant. Please don’t take a chance. Go for your second jab as soon as you are called,” she added.