SIR: I think now is the time to remove the barriers to traffic entering Hyde Street from Jewry Street.

Since this was imposed whatever anticipated reduction in air pollution must surely have been negated by the following:

a. Queues of traffic waiting to enter Andover Road from Worthy Lane;

b. Queues of traffic in Andover Road waiting to go forward to City Road being held up by traffic entering and exiting Worthy Lane, e.g. On Saturday morning it took me five minutes to travel from the railway bridge in Andover Road to the traffic lights at the bottom of Andover Road;

c. Queues of traffic travelling from Sussex Street trying to enter City Road;

d. Queues of traffic leaving City Road and entering Andover Road to access Worthy Lane backing up to City Road;

e. Queues of traffic in Jewry Street being held up because of "d" above;

f. Additional traffic in City Road going forward to North Walls caused by those which would have turned left out of Hyde Street into North Walls.

I suggest that the blocking off of Hyde Street has caused nothing but chaos in the roads and streets mentioned above and that time for removal is now!

Andrew Davidson,

Fleming Road,