SIR: As you are aware, we frequently write to the Chronicle and national newspapers to express our disquiet.

However, on this occasion, we trust that you will print our sincere thanks to all the scarecrow makers of Owslebury village, following on from your coverage of the event in the last two weeks of the Chronicle, (May 27 and June 3). What fun we adults and four of our grandchildren had, as we walked around this beautiful village, determined to find all the answers.

Thirty-six magnificent entrants for this competition in a relatively small Hampshire village, to raise money for its church and village association! Such efforts must surely pay tribute to the old-fashioned values of support and community that are often overlooked in modern times.The creativity, ingenuity and sheer determination of all those who pitted their wits against one bale of straw, two, three, or more, is truly remarkable. I had to check out Black Beauty, but, no, a fake horse had not been smuggled in, straw in plenty there was, as was the special mark on its forehead.

Willy Wonka has just recruited two more oompa loompass, as the enclosed photo shows.

We look forward to more delights to come from the indomitable Owslebury scarecrow makers. Meanwhile, in 2021, we really hope that all their efforts will have been equitably rewarded, in terms of the funds they hope to raise, for such worthy causes.

Roger and Una Stevens,

Cliff Way,