SIR:The silver in Silver Hill is by now very tarnished through lack of council activity. Despite having a valid, well thought out proposal for developing Kings Walk, nothing is happening. The council has employed Jones Lang to advise and move along Silver Hill and other developments - why are they not considering the proposal by Kim Gottlieb and others to make a real beginning in the development of the are?. Why do the consultants, so I understand, believe that the SDP is not viable, and that archaeology isn't a real consideration. A lot of us ratepayers put in considerable time and effort with the excellent JTP public participation exercise that then led into the SDP being adopted - adopted and thus a legal document of the council. After all of our efforts, why cannot we see more happening, and why is the council prepared to risk another court action if it ignores its own adopted SDP? After the election, we have a newly 'invigorated' council - let's see it really do something to make Silver Hill shine!

Terry Gould,

Fairfield Road,