TODAY'S the day!

Trainspotters will be able to capture a glimpse of the world-famous Flying Scotsman as it passes through Winchester.

One of the world's most recognisable trains will complete a countryside tour.

This journey will depart from Southampton at 2.20pm, after travelling down from London this morning. It will then take a sold-out group of passengers on a journey, beginning with views of Southampton docks and the Solent.

A morning tour set off from London at around 9.50am. Reports suggest that it will pass through Winchester at 11.54am.

Hampshire Chronicle:

The locomotive will follow the River Itchen to Eastleigh before making its way to Winchester and into the South Downs.

It is also set to pass Salisbury before making its way back to Southampton.

Although the tour - operated by company The Stream Dreams - is sold out, train lovers may be able to spot the locomotive as it passes through the county.