SIR: I think it is a great shame that Boomtown this year will not be happening. So many artists, musicians, set designers, caterers and stall holders, mostly self- employed, who have lost so much due to Covid already will endure another summer of hardship.

Our youth, who have been so supportive of the government’s restrictions have made huge sacrifices to keep us oldies safe. Boomtown would have been a well-earned reward and something for them to look forward to.

I am in my 50s and have visited Boomtown every year. What really makes me happy is how lovely and friendly everyone is. Over five days with excited people jostling for space near the stage, queuing by the loos, getting hot and wet with rain, tired and footsore; I have not witnessed one bad word, shove, scowl, shout or insolence but I have experienced and heard of so many random acts of kindness and so much laughter and fun. It is a real tonic for all ages to enjoy.

I think festivals such as Boomtown truly bring us all together, celebrate diversity, bring out the best in us and share the love and joy and peace that we all so need and that our younger generation know how to give. We should be proud to have such a vibrant, creative, cool and colourful festival on our doorstep.

I have lived within half a mile of the festival and noticed very little disruption in the last five years and witnessed the meticulous clean up and the site returning to idyllic countryside shortly after.

It is thoughtless and mean-spirited to deny our young people this opportunity in the future by objecting to the planning application. We should be so proud to give so much happiness to so many people and to support the talented artists, musicians and creative people in our community. It is such a huge event to organize so they need to be able to plan ahead. Please support the Matterley Bowl planning application SDNP/21/00290/FUL.

Emma Mitchell,

Lower Chilland Lane,

Martyr Worthy