SIR: I know this is not going to help because the decision has probably already been made, for South Winchester golf course, to be developed for housing. It would seem to me that no matter how many people are against this development within the green belt, indeed a beautiful part of the green belt between Winchester and Hursley, of all the places that could have been considered, it's unbelievable that this might be allowed.

When we think of all the other developments that have come forward, whether it be 10, 20 or two it is going on all the time. As we well know Kings Barton has been allotted for 2,000 houses, which so far only over 400 have been built. We were told that actually we had filled our allocation but here we are another big development. May I say I know this particular golf course very well because two of my family were founder members. For years a lot of the membership were saying, of course, they were allowed to build the cabins only for hire. Everyone knew the writing was on the wall because it was well realised that the ownership of the golf course was also interested in development. So it wasn't a question of how, it was a question of when.

Let's be honest the environmental agencies, the green friends of the earth, countryside conservation people, none of it, no protest against this development made any difference which makes me wonder what powers the city council and planning department have. At this moment in time developers just know how to get around all the protests. They seem to be able to manipulate any situation and come back time and again until they get what they want.

Eileen Berry,

Priors Dean Road,



Letter Editor's note: for the record, no application for development has been made and a legal covenant will the golf course until at least 2026.