SIR: I fully support the letters in last week’s Chronicle highlighting the Council’s potentially misguided approach to the future of North Walls Park, especially the letter from Sir Anthony Walker, who provides a well informed and pragmatic response to the key issues raised in the consultation brief.

I would simply add that the Park is (and has been for the 35 years I have used it) a very attractive and much appreciated space, meeting many recreational needs in its current form. Yes, the new pavilion will be a valuable asset and a few extra benches, a refreshed kiddies play area and some toilets would be good. But other ‘improvements’ such as sculpture towers and concrete solar trees - really!? I think it just proves that the consultants have failed to appreciate the existing quality of the Park and totally misunderstood why it is so valued by local people.

I am also a little surprised that our perpetually cash strapped city council even wants to consider embarking on this project at this particular time (especially after funding most of the new Leisure Centre). Perhaps it might be more advisable to sort out the future of the River Park building first, because finding an acceptable solution to that tricky problem may have significant cost implications of its own.

Finally, rather than be swayed by pages of ‘consultant speak’, may I suggest that the council considers the merits of a good old saying that could serve it well in this case - ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

C J Ashcroft,

Main Road,

Martyr Worthy