SIR: Pages 1 and 2 of last week's Chronicle outline the city council's proposals for a revamped North Walls Park. One such proposal, illustrated on page 2, is a sculpture tower which is described as "the Park's newest landmark" and "a new visitor attraction".

I cannot imagine any visitor, or indeed resident, being attracted to either this or to the totem pole proposed for the Park Avenue entrance. These unsightly gimmicks, funded, no doubt, like the consultants involved, by public money seem likely to deter, rather than attract, people.

Surely a city that once had the vision to commission Elizabeth Frink's beautiful statue of a horse and rider, sensitively sited in the Upper High Street, cannot sink so low.

Also, with a lengthy list of additional proposals, there is the risk that, in trying to do too much, the peace and tranquillity people seek in a city centre park with its own natural beauty is unwittingly destroyed.

Mary Pearson,

Manor Close,