SIR: Yet again the Chronicle is publishing letters from well-meaning people who are worried about the future of Winchester within its wonderful setting. That’s fine for those of us who are adequately housed but as I have stated repeatedly over the last 15 or so years, Winchester has a chronic shortage of affordable and inclusive housing and morally we have to resolve this crisis for those affected by the hugely high property prices and private rents.

My solution would be to build a 21st century brand new council estate and yes, the only deliverable option is to build on countryside. There are in fact quite a few potential sites, Bushfield Camp for a start and then there’s Sir John Moores Barracks. If the city council approached the landowner promoting Royaldown there must be a deal to be done there too or on the South Winchester Golf Course.

Other alternatives are to extend Abbotts Barton towards Headbourne Worthy on either side of the Worthy Road or build on the land towards Three Maids Hill.

Listening to wealthy residents trying to justify their own NIMBY position is extremely saddening to me especially when so much of Winchester has been built even in my lifetime.

When I knock doors, which I do very regularly, hardly anyone ever opposes the principle of delivering more affordable housing, it's only when they think it will spoil their view do they start to agitate.

I have argued strongly that Winchester must debate affordable housing provision and find those sites upon which it can be built and do it now.

Ian Tait,

Bereweeke Road,