WINCHESTER has been named as one of the best cities in the UK to raise a baby.

This is according to insurance company Protectivity, which has analysed the amount of services available including National Childbirth Trust (NCT) classes, breastfeeding support groups, baby massage services and baby yoga.

The study shows that overall, Winchester is the seventh most baby-friendly location in the UK.

It has two breastfeeding support groups, 18 NCT classes, one baby massage class and two baby yoga sessions, with a population of 46,000.

Sean Walsh, marketing manager from Protectivity Insurance said: "With Covid-19 restrictions easing throughout the UK, parents may want to socialise their children and let them experience the activities they have been missing out on due to the multiple lockdowns.

“Knowing which areas have the most services suited towards babies will be great for new parents. The nearest support group or activity for babies may be closer than you think, and you can gain some wonderful one on one time with your new baby.”

Ely is the UK’s most baby-friendly city, with a score of 68 out of 100. Aiding the city with getting to the top spot is the amount of services available to residents versus its population.

With a population of just 18,000, it has four baby breastfeeding support groups, five NCT classes, three baby massage services and five baby yoga services.

Lichfield, Staffordshire and Wells, Somerset are the second and third most baby-friendly cities in the UK, with a score of 66 and 65 respectively.

Lichfield has a population of 32,800 and eighteen breastfeeding support groups, eleven NCT classes and 10 baby yoga sessions, making it one of the top locations to go to get support for a baby.