SIR: Can anyone imagine our dedicated NHS front-line staff waiting for an individual to turn up for an agreed appointment, then experience a no-show? (Chronicle, April 28) What does it take to lift up a 'phone or text a cancellation?

NHS front-liners are totally committed to delivering care with compassion and do not deserve such an inconsiderate lack of decency and good manners

Doubtless those who just fail to turn up, would be the first to complain should their appointment be cancelled.

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Financial impact is one thing, but those appointments could have been afforded more responsible individuals.

During the last year or more, our NHS staff have put their lives on the line; some literally, for the benefit of patients. ‎

Perhaps a warning on the NHS appointment letter stating a no-show will result in a fine of £160 - the cost of a missed appointment.

Simon Lever,

Juniper Close,

Badger Farm,