WINCHESTER University is seeking people for a study into the national Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Researchers would like to hear more about the experiences of volunteers who have been involved in the rollout of the jab, whether as drivers and organisers, or more specialist volunteers who have been providing medical expertise.

The study is part of a wider project led by a team of psychologists at the Universities of Winchester and Buckingham who have a common interest in the social dimensions of volunteering.

Dr Debra Gray, reader in social psychology, who is co-lead of the study, said: "It doesn't matter how you have chosen to volunteer, or provide help or support to others, we are interested in your experiences of this vital volunteer role. By taking part, you will help us to understand the reasons why people volunteer and their experiences when they do so."

Anyone who is interested should contact the research team by email at: or Dr Gray direct at:

Participants will be interviewed via Zoom for about an hour and will receive a £10 voucher.

In particular, they aim to understand how sense of belonging to social groups and communities is important in understanding why people volunteer and their behaviour and experiences around volunteering.

For more information about the Volunteering Research Hub and its work, visit: