IT IS finally over. 

The last two seats of the Winchester district local election have just been announced – despite the count starting on Saturday afternoon.

Both were filled by Lib Dem councillors, meaning the party took eight seats overall; the Conservatives took seven.

This election has seen a number of new names take seats across the Winchester district. 

A handful of senior councillors who had served their wards for years decided not to run this time around, leaving a gap for fresh-faced candidates.

But after a lengthy count – the longest in England, in fact – the political makeup of the council has hardly changed.

The Tories gained two seats, whilst the Lib Dems gained one. The rest of the seats were held.
Before the election the council lineup was 15 Conservative seats, 27 Lib Dem seats and two Independent seats. Now there are 16 Conservative, 27 Lib Dem and two Independent.

The biggest upset of the election was in the St Michael Ward, where senior Tory Fiona Mather failed to retain her seat.

Both seats up for grabs were filled by two new Lib Dem candidates, with the other vacancy left by Kim Gottlieb who resigned last year.

It was a close one, with Fiona Mather (1,133) falling short of just 18 votes.
Chris Edwards (1,405 votes) and Charles Radcliffe (1,151 votes) now represent the ward.

In Alresford and Itchen Valley, Fiona Isaacs gained the Tories gained a seat, previously filled by councillor Lisa Griffiths who was a Conservative before standing as an Independent. 

Jan Warwick, Conservative, gained the party a seat in Badger Farm and Oliver's Battery. Lib Dem Eleanor Bell decided not to run this year to retain it. 

The seat in St Bartholomew ward held by senior Lib Dem Dominic Hiscock, who did not run this year, was won by a candidate representing the same party. 

Cllr Hiscock will be replaced by John Henry Tippett-Cooper.

Deputy mayor Cllr Vivian Achwal who retained her seat said: "I just want to thank everyone who voted for me and what a fantastic group of supporters I've had, I couldn't have managed it without them at all. 
"Also, my family have helped a lot. I'm really please I managed to get through, especially if you consider the trend at the moment."

Cllr Kelsie Learney, added: "I'm so happy to be back once more as the councillor for St Barnabas, I think there's so much more to do for the city and the area, and it's great to have the opportunity to be involved in that."

Here is what happened ward-by-ward:

Alresford and Itchen Valley

It was close in Alresford and Itchen Valley – with the Conservative candidate Fiona Isaacs just about clutching the victory with 1,798 votes.

She now takes the seat that was formerly held by Lisa Griffiths, Independent.

Her opponents were Yvette Riley, Lib Dem, 1,692 votes; Tessa Valentine, Labour, 57 votes; Alex Blower, Green, 249 votes.

Badger Farm and Oliver's Battery

Jan Warwick, Conservative, has won the seat in the Badger Farm and Oliver's Battery Ward.

This was previously held by Lib Dem Eleanor Bell, who did not run in this election.

She received 2,021 votes.

James Batho, Lib Dem: 1,269; Adrian Field, Labour: 98; Max Priesemann, Green: 232.

Bishop's Waltham

Michael Kurn, Conservative, has won the Bishop's Waltham seat.

He received 1,504 votes, beating three other candidates.

Jonathan Williams, Lib Dem: 682 votes; Steve Haines, Labour: 184 votes; Richard Sidney Cannon, Green Party: 352 votes.

Central Meon Valley

Frank Pearson, Conservative, retained his seat in the Central Meon Valley Ward with 1,669 votes.

His opponents were: Malcolm Wallace, Green, 1,139 votes; Sheila Campbell, Lib Dem, 542; June Kershaw, Labour, 133.


It was a huge win for councillor Mike Read who retained the Denmead seat with 1,585 votes.

Derrick Murray, Lib Dem, received 409 votes; Robert Parker, Green, 195 votes; David Picton-Jones, Labour, 137 votes. Alan Weir did not state which party he was representing, and received 88 votes.

Southwick and Wickham

It was a poor turnout of just 37.13 per cent in Southwick and Wickham – but Lib Dem Angela Clear retained her seat with 964 votes.

Her opponents: Hilary Elphick, Green: 112 votes; David Roberts, Conservative, 704 votes; Paul Sony, Labour, 86 votes.

St Bartholomew

The St Bartholomew seat, previously held by Dominic Hiscock who did not run this year, has been won by another Lib Dem.

John Henry Tippett-Cooper has won the seat with 1,490 votes.

Patrick Davies, Labour: 222 votes; Charlotte Harley, Green; 302 votes, Teresa Skelton, The Justice and Anti-Corruption Party; 56 votes; Marcus Wood, Conservative: 748 votes.

St Barnabas

Cllr Kelsie Learney, Lib Dem, has retained her seat in the St Barnabas Ward.

It was a close call with her seeing 1,809 votes and Conservative candidate Andy Kam Hung Lai receiving 1,594.

John-James, Labour: 135 votes; Lucinda Graham, Green: 230 votes.

St Luke

Councillor Jamie Scott, Conservative, has retained the St Luke ward seat with 686 votes.

A crowd let off a huge cheer in the election hall when it was announced.

His opponents were: Megan Ball, Labour, 136 votes; Oliver Bell, Green, 82 votes; Cameron Johnson, Lib Dem, 436.

St Michael

Two Lib Dem councillors have filled the two seats in the ward – one left by Kim Gottlieb who resigned last year.

Chris Edwards (1,405 votes) and Charles Radcliffe (1,151 votes) now represent St Michael.

This means senior Tory councillor Fiona Mather has lost her seat.

The other results were: Janet Berry, Labour, 299 votes; Antony De Peyer, Labour, 209 votes; Sarah Gooding, Green, 436 votes; Fiona Mather, Conservative, 1,133 votes; Nicola Rule, Conservative, 899 votes; Duncan Stone, Hampshire Independents, 56 votes; Ian Tait, Independent, 227 votes.

St Paul

Liz Hutchison, Lib Dem, did not run to retain her seat in St Paul Ward this year.

But another Lib Dem has been elected - Christopher John Westwood, with 1,473 votes.

Harry Johnson-Hill, Conservative: 893 votes; Zoe Lewis, Labour: 187 votes; Richard Giles Gooding, Green: 480 votes.

The Worthys

A longstanding Lib Dem councillor will have her seat filled by someone from the same party.

Steve Cramoysan has won The Worthys seat, previously Jackie Porter's. He recevied 1,327 votes.

Dave Brockless, Reform UK: 66 votes; Kimberly Torkington, Labour: 138 votes; Signe Biddle, Conservative: 991 votes.

Whiteley and Shedfield Ward

The deputy mayor has retained her seat in the Whiteley and Shedfield Ward.

Vivian Achwal, Lib Dem, received 1,020 votes.

David Newberry, Conservative: 870 votes; Daniel Reid, Labour: 129 votes.

Wonston and Micheldever

Cllr Stephen Godfrey retained the Wonston and Micheldever seat with 1,954 votes - nearly 1,000 more than second place Andrew Adams, Lib Dem (971 votes).

Alan Stone, Hampshire Independents, saw 76 votes and Jude Wilkinson, Labour, 123 votes.