SIR: I moved to Winchester more than 20 years ago and in that time Silver Hill has been long hoped but never delivered city regeneration project.

I am so thankful to Kim, his team and local protestors who have stood firm against the commercial pressures of developers and political chaos of the Winchester City Council. Their alternative plan is brilliant and gives us a glimpse of what could be a transformative moment in the re-birth of the city (Chronicle, April 29).

I would urge all of your readers not to lose hope but challenge your local councillors to represent your views.

Phil Harris,

St Leonard’s Road,



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SIR: As a retired architect who has lived in Winchester for more than 40 years, I would like to endorse the plan described by Kim Gottlieb and his group (Chronicle, April 29).

This should have been the approach from the beginning. The days of large scale redevelopments are long past (I was involved in commercial and retail in the 1990s, and such schemes were being abandoned then!).

I hope the city council support the group’s ideas, and I wish the group well.

David Williams,

Eastgate Street,