MEON Valley MP Flick Drummond said the Domestic Violence Bill, which is about to become law, will strengthen protection for victims and close legal loopholes for abusers.

The bill is now to be scheduled go for Royal Assent and will toughen rules around controlling or coercive behaviour, revenge porn and end the so-called ‘rough sex gone wrong' defence in court cases.

Importantly, the legislation also recognises children as victims of domestic abuse.

Another part of the new law will require public authorities conducting domestic homicide reviews to send a copy of their reports to the Domestic Abuse Commissioner to help learn lessons and prevent future deaths.

“This is a landmark piece of legislation that will do a great deal to protect domestic abuse victims, help protect children from this behaviour and end several distressing legal loopholes that have allowed abusers scope to avoid punishment for their crimes,” said Flick.

“I am particularly pleased the rough sex defence will now end and I welcome the provision of a five-year jail term for anyone convicted of the new specific offence of non-fatal strangulation.

“The strengthening of legislation around controlling or coercive behaviour is also very welcome as it no longer makes it a requirement for abusers and victims to live together. There has been much evidence that those who have left abusive partners still suffer from controlling behaviour.

“It has been a commitment of this government to address domestic violence and this a good piece of legislation with broad cross-party support that will protect victims and punish abusers.”