Worthy Lane Casualty

SIR: I enclose a photograph of the first reported casualty that has occurred since the increase of traffic on Worthy Lane.

This poor tree has basically suffered what, in both sylvan and human terms, would be the loss of limb, it was possibly broken off by the wing mirror of a careening HGV sometime during the morning of Thursday April 29.

However, due to the highly advanced state of modern surgery it can be saved and will (hopefully) survive for another thirty years.

Sadly, we will no longer enjoy the beautiful annual blossoming of this limb.

This tragedy could have been avoided if the council had heeded our requests for traffic slowing measures.

Let’s hope that this casual tree (sic) is a ‘one off’ and that no other trees, pedestrians or cyclists are injured in the testing months to come.

Bill Hoade,


Worthy Lane,