SIR: In response to Jamie Walker's letter (Chronicle, April 29) titled 'Pre-booking works brilliantly'.

I have lived, worked, and regularly used the HWRC in Alresford as a pedestrian, for over 33 years. For 12 years I worked for a white goods repair company located opposite in the Business Centre. We had a commercial contract with HWRC to safely destroy/recycle unrepairable appliances, which were walked across the road and into the site on sack trucks. Never have I been challenged or discouraged from entering HWRC on foot, until Covid 19. Never have I felt unsafe on that site. Indeed, I feel more at-risk dodging the traffic when I cross the road on Broad Street.

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Discrimination abounds at HWRC Alresford. Pedestrians are actively encouraged to enter the premises to spend money at the shop, but not to recycle. The site has been rejigged to favour vehicle drop-offs, and make it unsafe for pedestrians to access the waste containers under the new set up.

To the best of my knowledge, queueing to the end of Prospect Road and into New Farm Road, only happened when 'lockdown' was eased, and residents had a backlog of waste to deposit. A booking system was introduced for vehicles only. The system is not fit for purpose. No same day appointments, when for the majority of the day, the site is empty. The booking system offers several drivers to book appointments on the hour and 1/2 hour, resulting in a queue if everyone turns up on time, followed by - nobody until the next half hour session begins. Sessions are rarely fully booked.

Is your reader offering to 'Practice what he preaches'? Over 200 people have signed the online petition to allow 'ACCESS FOR ALL' . I can supply him with the names of pedestrian residents, waiting for access to be restored, so that they can finally get rid of their myriad of unwanted items. Is he offering to do the 'neighbourly' thing ?

If so, it works brilliantly- "Book slots and get dumping for us".

Sandie James,

Lindley Gardens,