RESIDENTS have launched a fight against plans for more parking in their street, which they say will be dangerous.

Neighbours in Woodman Close, Sparsholt, want Winchester City Council to do a U-turn on plans to pave over part of their communal green space to make way for 27 parking spaces.

In November 2019, residents were consulted on a council proposal for affordable homes near the street. There was little objection to the houses, but concerns were raised about parking.

In the months following ideas were presented for parking, these included 29 spaces around the green, 15 spaces in laybys or no change.

According to the results, no residents were in favour of the 29 spaces, but a second consultation followed regarding 27 spaces, which only garnered one response in support, with four other households against.

Homeowner Bonnie Stagg said: “There was far less response to the second consultation, most of whom said no we wouldn’t support that. I spoke to a council officer who said that if you didn’t respond we would take that as in support.”

Mrs Stagg said that the new spaces will be dangerous, with children who use the green space as cars will be reversing out while youngsters are trying to cross the road.

“We want the council to take notice that we don’t want this to happen,” she continued. “They will be 27 empty bays as people park outside their houses and nobody has a problem with that – it feels a little bit like we need to tidy up.”

Another resident Elaine Chapman said: “I dread the thought of it turning into a car park, it is going to be dangerous.

“People are not objecting to the extra 15 spaces and tidying it up and also proper spaces that you can get into. Rather than doing all parking bays this is more like parking lots.

“It is very coincidental that they want to build five new houses and on a very small portion of land, they have not allocated parking spaces. It is very convenient that they want to put extra parking around Woodman Close under the guise of we need more spaces but they can’t build the houses until they have more parking.”

The council has deferred when work will begin to allow for residents to meet with Gillian Knight, corporate head of housing, and ward councillor Caroline Horrill to talk about recent concerns. The meeting will take place on May 10 from 5pm.

A spokesperson said: “The council is aware of a group of residents who have concerns with a new parking scheme at Woodman Close. We have written to all those affected by the works and have agreed to meet and discuss their concerns.”

The scheme was given the backing of Sparsholt Parish Council, which said: “Sparsholt Parish Council supported the recommendations made by Winchester City Council based on feedback from residents to the three consultations that took place. The Winchester City Council consultations followed due process and Sparsholt Parish Council went to great lengths to publicise the consultations despite Covid restrictions and encouraged all residents to make their views known.

“The new parking arrangements will benefit the majority of residents.”