FOUR workers at a Winchester building site allegedly failed a random drugs test.

Workers at the CALA Homes Kings Barton site, otherwise known as Barton Farm, were thought to have been tested on Friday as part of a commitment to provide a “safe working environment”.

Following the results of the tests, four workers were reported to have been sent home.

A CALA spokesperson said: “The wellbeing and safety of our team, including our subcontractor partners, is paramount. As part of our commitment to continuously providing a safe working environment CALA has in place a transparent drugs and alcohol policy which includes training, education and support, as well as routine testing by an independent partner. The policy applies to all employees at CALA, as well as our contractors, agency staff and consultants, and is in place to help protect everyone. It would be inappropriate for us to comment on any details regarding the testing programme at any of our developments.”

Judgement can be severely impaired if work is carried out under the influence of drugs - particularly dangerous in industrial environments.

Hampshire police were contacted for a comment but it was not aware of the incident.