SIR: Ah, council elections - lots if leaflets and slogans about what has been achieved (some) and what to achieve (lots). Meanwhile the climate emergency looms, and not much is being done by the Council to offset carbon, and to change the pattern of what we do.

Why can’t Winchester emerge as a bold leader and innovator? And where better to start than central Winchester regeneration, including changes to the High Street and the Broadway. The central Winchester project needs bold vision and leadership. Make the space exciting, and full of green plants - make it enjoyable, healthy and fun.

Invest, with the County, in the new technology - solar, wind, hydrogen-fuelled electricity throughout, an enlarged fleet of clean hydrogen fuelled buses, trees (lots), water. Don’t waste money and time on little nibbles like a makeover of Kings Walk - get on board a proven bold urban designer (like Thomas Heatherwick’s London projects), and make central Winchester into a beacon, showing what can really be done (copy if necessary some of the excellent Scandinavian ideas for a better environment).

Other development areas will follow when it is seen what can be done. If there isn’t sufficient expertise, and will power, in our senior officers, create a citizen group from Winchester’s many talents, and raise money privately to help out. Above all, get going, let Winchester be a wonderful example of what can be done, and especially help to counteract the climate emergency.

Terry Gould,

Fairfield Road,