SIR: I refer to the campaign to remove the pre-booking system (Chronicle, April 22).

Personally, I’m 100 per cent for it and don’t see the problem. The system works brilliantly; it’s quick and easy online; you know exactly when you will be able to access the centre and there are no queues. Bearing in mind there are only two spaces within the centre, if we return to a “free for all” there will a queue back down the road, and probably into New Farm Road.

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Even if the original parking spaces are reinstalled (all five of them - one of which is for disabled), I fear it will make little difference. There was always a queue outside before pre-booking was introduced. We all have better things to do with our time than sitting in a queue at a recycling centre.

Whilst I accept pedestrians, cyclists and mobility scooters are excluded, with respect I cannot remember ever seeing any of these at the centre before lockdown, and there’s really not a lot of recycling items any of these would be able to carry. Surely a helpful neighbour with a car would be willing to take any such items when they are visiting?

Jamie Walker,

Jacklyns Lane,