SIR: 'Where there's a will there's a way' is an oft-quoted adage, one which seems to have become rather apposite over the last year or so. Not content with public money apparently being funnelled without scrutiny in the direction of some eyebrow-raising suppliers, we now see resurrected yet another excuse touted for unnecessary expenditure, in the form of calls by MPs for a replacement to the Royal Yacht Britannia - as a memorial to the late Duke of Edinburgh! I hope our MP is not one of them.

I totally fail to see the relevance to HRH Prince Philip, or his memory, of such a vessel. As a man deeply interested in and supportive of wildlife, conservation and philanthropic causes, including youth initiatives, would it not be more fitting in these constrained times, and of greater, wider benefit to all, to offer extra support (financial and moral) to these causes, than indulge in yet another vanity project? The Prime Minister has already just added to his fleet of aircraft, and spent an exorbitant (maybe that should be 'extortionate') amount (£2.6 million is the quoted figure) on revamping his press conference room for no apparent reason other than to display the national flag more prominently or to appear more 'presidential.' Some of us taxpayers are getting a tad fed up with excuses for our money being squandered on unnecessary fripperies, when so many people are suffering the effects of furlough, lost jobs and businesses, impacted education and in some cases having to resort to using food banks. Prince Philip deserves the best and education is paramount; actually ensuring (rather than promising) that all schoolchildren have decent laptops and internet access would be a start. All it needs is the actual will; sadly children's needs are a lot less 'sexy' than a flashy new boat.

Alison M Biden (Mrs),

Northbrook Close,

St Giles Hill