SIR: Well done to those who are organising the drainage improvement work in Lovedon Lane and Springvale Road, Kings Worthy, and Headbourne Worthy; I am sure those of us who use the local roads frequently will be content to put up with some discomfort that will inevitably precede the great benefit that will follow if we get severe weather; thank you.

It is to be hoped, however, that the quality of making good to trenches will be infinitely better than that carried out in the past to such areas as Nations Hill and Springvale Road, which are little better than cart tracks in places, following disgracefully shoddy making good after work was carried out and shows a lack of understanding of how to make good a road surface following trench work. What is worse, this awful work was obviously approved by council employees and paid off, with your money and mine!! Here's to better things!

Arnold Jarman,

The Pastures,

Kings Worthy