SIR: I am somewhat surprised that no mention has so far been made regarding the comparative proximity of Bournemouth Airport to Eastleigh. I believe Bournemouth already has a longer runway and Palmair used to fly a 747 from there. I think EasyJet and Ryanair have or currently plan to run holiday flights from Bournemouth in the summer months, subject of course to the recommencement of international travel.

Bournemouth is to Southampton as Gatwick is to Heathrow with its emphasis on holiday travel. Journey time between Bournemouth and Southampton (circa 30 minutes) is probably about the same as between Heathrow and central London.

As a regular business user of Southampton Airport in days gone by, I venture to suggest that Southampton will regain much of its UK-wide business clientele once life returns to a new normal and, as a St Cross resident, I can vouch for the significant number of daily flights landing or taking off close by when Flybe were operating. The economic recovery will surely determine the market for a return to those busy flight days, assuming one or more airlines share the economic aspirations.

It has certainly been a more peaceful 12 or more months without Flybe but we fully expect and hope business travel will soon get Southampton Airport flying once again. We want Hampshire to have a strong economy.

Let Bournemouth take the holiday package or charter traffic so that they can fully utilise their already existing longer runway.

Do we need two competing holiday airports in such close proximity?

Richard Chisnell,

Edward Road,

St Cross,